At Kaleidoscope, we explore the arts, nature, athletics, and culture in the Keweenaw. In our second blog post looking at current classes and virtual electives in each of those areas, we take a stop in Athletics. Enjoy the photos and click through to the class descriptions for more details.

Tae Kwon Do – L’Anse

Our Tae Kwon Do classes have proven to be some of our most popular classes. Our longest-enrolled students are now halfway to their black belts. We are offering four different levels of Tae Kwon Do for the 2023/2024 school year as well as a Traditional Weapons class (experienced students only).


Self Defense

An offshoot of our Tae Kwon Do program, students can take Self Defense on its own. This is a good fit for those who would rather not work towards belts, but want to learn to defend themselves, get some exercise, and have fun. Many of our Tae Kwon Do students also take Self Defense to learn a greater variety of skills and techniques than is covered in the traditional classes.

Athletics – Virtual Electives

Take a peek into our online world of learning with a snippet from a lesson in each of our Arts virtual electives.


In one Health lesson, kids learned about the importance of sleep.

Getting enough sleep is very important for our health! When we sleep our body fulfills many important functions. Our brains detox and consolidate information into memories when we are sleeping! Did you know that kids do most of their growing while asleep? Getting a good night’s sleep helps us feel calm, happy, and ready to face the day.

Does your little one need help falling asleep? Choose from this free audio library of fabulous bedtime stories.


This Horsemanship lesson introduced students to the sport of vaulting on horseback.

Have you ever heard of vaulting on a horse? A REAL horse, not in gymnastics? Vaulting is like gymnastics and dance on horseback, and is an international sport.

Learn about this exciting and beautiful sport here.

Ice Skating

This Ice Skating lesson introduces the concept of cross training:

You may have been doing a lot of skating so far this winter. When you first started for the season you may have noticed that some muscles were a bit sore after skating for so long. That is because they hadn’t been used for a while. When you do any sport, you use very specific muscles. For skating, it is primarily leg muscles but it also includes your abdominal (stomach) and back muscles. If you are serious about skating, you may want to consider cross training.

Try this workout for yourself!


In Skiing B, students learned about Olympic ski events and made a unique mixed media collage.

Skiing is a big event in the Winter Olympics. The 2022 Winter Olympics will take place in Beijing, China. I learned that downhill Olympic skiers can go over 100 miles per hour! Wow, that is faster than I have ever driven my car!

Try your hand at making your own skiing collage!

Sports Sampler

For this Sports Sampler lesson, students not only learned about Olympic sports such as gymnastics, but studied the character qualities and principles used by serious athletes in a variety of sports.

Watch the video of Suni Lee. Please note that these are highly skilled and trained gymnasts and no one should attempt their moves at home. What strengths and values do you think the Olympic gymnasts used to become so skilled? Do you think they use similar values as the tenets of taekwondo?

Watch this video of Olympic gold medalist Suni Lee and be inspired!

Learn More

Visit our Arts page for an at-a-glance look at our Arts course offerings. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram to catch up with ALL our classes and virtual electives in the upcoming weeks, as well as get a preview of our NEW classes for the 2023/2024 school year.

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