Lost Skills I

Ages: 5-12

Available: School Year

L'Anse: Wednesday 2:45-3:45
Instructor(s): Tiffany Nygord

Learn vital skills that our ancestors considered a part of daily life, but that most people today have never heard of or learned how to do. Classes are in a small group setting, with the opportunity to learn more about these valuable skills and how they can help us live a more natural, sustainable life. Some of these skills include candle-making, soap-making, foraging, weaving, sewing by hand, churning butter, rope-making, weather prediction, and cooking over an open fire.

Tiffany Nygord
Tiffany Nygord

Tiffany was born and raised in the UP, which is where her love for nature and art began. She wanted to draw all of the beautiful nature that surrounded her. She has been a Certified Nurses Aide for 16+ years and plans to continue her education to become a nurse. Helping others has always been important to her. Tiffany has been homeschooling her son since 2020 and loves developing fun and creative ways for him to learn. In her free time she enjoys reading, going for hikes, gardening, drawing, and painting.