Summer Tae Kwon Do III

Ages: Instructor approval required.

Available: Summer

L'Anse: Wednesday 11:00-12:30
Instructor(s): Dan Choszczyk

Learn traditional Tae Kwon Do. New belts are not earned during summer session, but students will work on advancing their Tae Kwon Do skills. Please inquire if you are not sure which level your student is.

Dan Choszczyk
Dan Choszczyk

Master Dan holds the rank of Master in 2 types of martial arts and high ranks in other styles. He has been involved in martial arts training for over 45 years, and teaches Tae Kwon Do and portions of 5 different styles. He was the head instructor for the USAF at KI Sawyer for 2 years and has taught classes for various private schools, colleges and universities, specializing in self defense training for law enforcement. When not teaching and training, Dan is a custom knife maker who creates knives and other types of bladed weapons. He also enjoys gardening, fishing, hunting and shooting sports with his wife of 37 years. Master Dan’s favorite part of teaching is watching his students progress through the various colored belts and witnessing the moment when a student receives a promotion.