Horsemanship C

Video 1A: What are the Gaits of a Horse by Bar SZ Ranch

Video 1B: 5 Gaits of the Icelandic Horse (Bonus Video)

Video 2A: English Saddle Parts

Video 2B: How to Saddle English

Video 2C: Western Saddle Parts

Video 2D: How to Saddle Western

Video 3

Video 4A: Mounting Western, no mounting block

Video 4B: Mounting English, with a mounting block

Video 4C: Dismounting

Video 5A: Good Riding Position

Video 5B: Two point and half seat (BONUS VIDEO)

Video 5C: Improve your Seat (EVEN MORE BONUS)

Video 6A

Video 6B (Bonus)

Video 7

Video 8A

Video 8B

Video 8C

Video 9A

Video 9B

Video 9C

Video 9D

Video 10A

Video 10B

Video 10C

Video 10D

Video 10E

Video 11A

Video 11B

Video 11C

Video 12A

Video 12B

Video 12C

Video 12D

Video 13