Ice Skating C

Lesson 1: History of Hockey

Lesson 2: How Pucks are Made

Lesson 2: History of Hockey Pucks

Lesson 3: History of the Detroit Red Wings

Lesson 4: History of the Stanley Cup

Lesson 4: Draw the Stanley Cup

Lesson 5: Gordie Howe

Lesson 5: Origami Hockey Shirt

Lesson 6: Wayne Gretzky

Lesson 7: The Physics of Skating

Lesson 8: Physics of the Hockey Stick

Lesson 9: Science of the Slapshot

Lesson 9: How to Slapshot

Lesson 10: Player Shoots Lacrosse Goal

Lesson 10: How to do the Michigan Goal (Lacrosse Style)

Lesson 11: Benefits of a Hockey Workout

Lesson 12: Quad Stretch

Lesson 12: Shoulder and Triceps Stretch

Lesson 12: Hamstring Stretch

Lesson 12: Standing Trunk Twist

Lesson 13: Building an Ice Rink

Lesson 13: How to Draw a Hockey Rink

Lesson 14: How the Zamboni Works

Lesson 14: History of Zamboni