The Arts

At Kaleidoscope, we explore the arts, nature, athletics, and culture in the Keweenaw. Over the next several weeks on the blog, we are going to take a peek at our current classes and virtual electives in each of those areas. Enjoy the photos and click through to the class descriptions for more details. Let’s start with The Arts.

Art – L’Anse

This class reappears on our schedule for 2023/2024 as Be Artsy Fartsy to reflect the casual, fun, and diverse nature of the types of arts and crafts covered.

Explore the Arts I and II – Hancock

Our Hancock art class, available in two age groupings, often takes field trips to local businesses.

World Music – L’Anse

This class has proved so popular that it will be available next year in Hancock too.

The Arts – Virtual Electives

Take a peek into our online world of learning with a snippet from a lesson in each of our Arts virtual electives.


In Music, students of varying musical abilities dabbled with composing using these colorful, interactive online tools.

Use the melody maker resource to explore creating your own short melodies. While this digital tool does not use musical notation, it does use colors and height to represent each note in the musical scale.

Try the melody maker yourself and see!

Performing Arts

This Performing Arts lesson covered traditional costumes.

All of the dancers are wearing costumes that are made to look like traditional clothes from their culture. How did the costumes look the same or different from clothes that you wear? Which was your favorite costume and why?

Click the photo of the dancers to visit PBS website and watch the video!

Visual Arts

In Visual Arts, students not only made a stacked sculpture, but they made their own play doh too.

Learn to make a stacked sculpture in the style of Saloua Raouda Choucair. 

Visit here for the tutorial!


Visit our Arts page for an at-a-glance look at our Arts course offerings. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram to catch up with ALL our classes and virtual electives in the upcoming weeks, as well as get a preview of our NEW classes for the 2023/2024 school year.

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